It is likely that you have now called a few companies and perhaps received a few quotes for your stone and installation.  Did you ask ALL the questions you should have to ensure an efficient and quality Job?  You have probably heard what these companies want you to hear, NOT what you should hear.  Below are several questions you NEED to ask BEFORE COMMITTING TO ANYTHING!  We have earned our reputation by treating each job as if it were going into our own home.

1. How many seams will there be? (More than 2 on an average kitchen is UNACCEPTABLE!)
2. Where will the seams be placed? (Very important)
3. Will the flow be in the same direction throughout the entire installation? (Including the backsplash!)
4. How level do the cabinets need to be?
5. What happens if the cabinets are too far out of level?
6. What is your warranty policy? (Ours is unmatched!)
7. Do you have references? (We'll provide you with all you wish & we have 100% customer satisfaction!)
8. Will my granite require sealing? (You'll hear the same story from everyone except us.)
9. What happens if a piece is not right or doesn't fit. (What is their remedy?)
10. How long will it take them to remake a piece? (This should NEVER happen in the first place.)
11. How do I know the slabs I pick are the ones used in home? (There is only one true way!)
12. If your pricing is so good, your installs are so professional and on time why do you price match?

We are not salesmen, we are skilled craftsmen who are involved directly in you granite transformation from bid to install.  To get the answers you deserve, call us today and schedule a free in-home consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Steve - Granite 4 Less