an excellent choice for countertops and other heavily used surfaces.
Granite is still the most popular stone on the market because of its natural
beauty and vast array of colors.  Granite resists heat and is nearly impossible
to scratch.  Granite will add instant value and beauty to your home


Because of its beauty and elegance, marble is a classic choice for countertops,
fireplaces, tub surrounds and vanities.  Choosing to use marble on a select area
and not as a whole adds a luxurious warmth to your home.  While marble requires
some additional care, it is truly a timeless choice for your home.

a man-made engineered product that mixes quartz found in granite with a
resin, quartz is non-porous and does not have to be sealed.  Quartz comes in various
colors and adds another option for the home owner who desires a more
sleeker, consistant pattern than granite or marble.

An excellent choice for countertops, soapstone is being rediscovered by
homeowners who appreciate its rustic good looks and durability.  Soapstone
can have either an old-fashioned, New England look or a fresh contemporary
appearance.  Minimal care with mineral oil. Just as with any natural stone,
soapstone will have variations and veining. A smooth surface that feels like
a dry bar of soap...thus its called soapstone.